Bible Studies

Jesus, Help Me Pray!

Written by Angela Ackley
A 6-week Bible study, with online videos included to bring meaning to the Lord's Prayer.
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146 Pages
ISBN: 9781662836152

Have you ever felt like you’re not sure how to pray?  
Or that you’re only badgering God with a list of things you want Him to do?
Whether a seasoned prayer warrior or just beginning your walk with God, there’s always more we can learn about how to communicate with our Heavenly Father.
Jesus, Help Me Pray! is a six-week guided prayer study which takes a familiar, loved, and intimate passage of Scripture -the Lord’s Prayer- and breaks it down in enlightening detail, bringing meaning to each verse.  
Christians all over the world can say the Lord’s Prayer from memory, but do we really understand what it means and the power God can give us through it?
Including five weeks of homework and six optional companion videos, this book can be used in both large and small groups, as well as individual study. Jesus, Help Me Pray! is a powerful resource that mines the Lord’s Prayer to help readers learn to:
• Look UPWARD and praise God.
• Look OUTWARD and pray for others.
• Look INWARD and pray for themselves.
• Pray prayers of CONFESSION.
• Pray prayers of PROTECTION.