If you are looking for a run-of-the-mill wedding officiant whose only job is to say, "I pronounce you man and wife," you've come to the wrong place!  Personally, after 20 years of marriage, I believe that the covenant of marriage is so very important and beautiful and NEEDS to be started off on the right foot!  My husband and I work as a team preparing couples for their life together.  We lovingly require three pre-wedding conversations to help prepare you for what is to come.  We will equip you with tools that will be invaluable for your new life together and we will love you through this process.  We are followers of Jesus Christ and we believe that it is so important to invite him into the covenant of marriage.  Mark 10:9 says, "Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate."  We would love to mentor you through this process!

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(includes 3 counseling sessions  wedding)