As I reflect on Jesus’s resurrection this morning, I am reminded of several things. I can’t imagine what a surprise it was for the disciples to realize that Jesus had risen from the dead after watching Him be beaten, tortured and breathing His last breath. I pray that the shock that they felt would sting our spirits as well. That we would have our hearts in a posture of amazement.

Thinking about what Jesus accomplished, fills me with so much HOPE this morning. Hope in knowing that Jesus surprises us (in such a good way). Hope in knowing that He does things that seem impossible. Hope in knowing what He is capable of. Knowing that He takes situations that seem horrible and He brings beauty from them. Knowing that even Jesus walked through hard things. Knowing that even Jesus wanted to be spared of the pain by asking His Father to take the cup from Him three times. Knowing that there is purpose in our suffering. Knowing that death is not the end of the story.

I am always struck on this day with the thought of “what would have happened if Jesus would have chickened out?” What would have happened if He wouldn’t have gone through with it? Where would have that left us? What good would it do us with a Savior that chickened out? Who could have done for us what Jesus did? Jesus gave us our salvation through His death and resurrection on the cross. That would all have been gone.

So this morning I am filled with such gratitude for Jesus. For His boldness, for His courage, for His obedience, for His love and for His selflessness. I pray that as we seek Him and study Him and spent time with Him, we would all become more and more like Him! I would love to pray for all of us this morning.

Jesus, we thank you for carrying and then dying for the sins of the world almost two thousand years ago. We thank you that you did for us something we could not have done for ourselves. Thank for your saying yes to the call that was on your life. Thank you for humbly walking into death so that we could have life. Eternal life with you in heaven. Thank you for the promise of heaven. Thank you that you are the WAY, the truth and the life and that nobody comes to the Father except through you. YOU are the answer and you are the only WAY to eternity. I thank you for the vision you gave me…that when we ask you, Jesus, into our hearts, the Holy Spirit enters our spirit. When our earthly bodies die, your Holy Spirit leaves our body and goes back to heaven and takes our spirit back to heaven as well! What a beautiful plan. Your ways are beautiful. Thank you for conquering death. Thank you for loving us enough to die a painful death that YOU did not deserve. You paid the price for our sin. We give all the glory to you Jesus!!! Help us to bless You with our lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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