Are you carrying around a stack of pancakes?

That’s quite a stack of pancakes. Imagine eating the entire stack. There’s no way you could possibly eat all of those pancakes in one sitting. What a mess if you even tried! They would for sure topple at some point and you would be left with a huge mess. How then could you tackle that stack of pancakes?

We are all carrying around a stack of pancakes. Let’s say that each pancake represented a sin, hurt, wound, failure, disappointment, etc. starting when we were children! Oh, some of the stacks we carry around. As adults we wonder why we think a certain way or continue to be badgered by the same pang in our gut in certain situations. One pancake causes us to view our future through fear. One pancake causes us to feel abandoned by everybody. One of our pancakes causes us to look at a certain person with disdain. One of our pancakes causes us to be angry with the opposite sex. Each sin, hurt, wound, failure, disappointment builds one on top of each other. The older we get, the bigger our pile. How discouraging right?

Well, there is great news in all of this! Jesus Christ came so that we could be FREE. Free from guilt, shame, fear, abandonment, anger, loneliness, and so much more. Free from carrying around our stack of pancakes, free from looking at life through the lens of our hurts and wounds, free from our past mistakes and free from the hurts that we caused other people. He came so that we could be free…”and if the Son (Jesus) sets you free, you are free indeed!!!” John 8:36

Now like I said before, it would be very difficult to attack that stack all at once, and quite frankly, we probably couldn’t handle it. One of the things that I love about God is that He is gentle. Part of His Spirit is gentleness. God does not require us to clean up our messes before He loves us. He loves us regardless of what we’ve done or haven’t done. When we come to Him and open our heart to Him, He will remove the pancakes. Some take longer to remove than others. Some are so deep that they take awhile to uncover because of all the pancakes on top. But know that our Father is faithful and He will gently and lovingly remove the hurt and heal you if you let Him. Open your arms to Him and surrender your pancakes to His perfect will and see what He does. He loves you and wants this for you.


Father, I thank you that you know every hurt, wound, disappointment, fear, etc. that I have. You know things about me that I don’t even know about myself. I SURRENDER my hurts to you (list out the hurts that come to mind) and I thank you for your healing. You are faithful and gentle and you love me more than I can even imagine. I live my life to glorify you. Amen.

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