Jesus...Our Pain Reliever

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

One of my fears since I’ve been a little girl has been getting a terrible disease and having to watch my body fail and be in pain while my mind is as sharp as a tack. The fear was worse in my early teens and as the years have gone by its gotten to be less and less, but it still comes to mind once in awhile.

Over Christmas break, my husband and I were car shopping for a “new to me” car and we were out and about at different dealerships (I found one and her name is Daisy…she’s so cute!). We were driving through the dealership where we had bought my current van (12 years ago). A salesman comes out and notices the dealership stamp on our van. He asks who our salesperson was when we bought the van. My husband looks at him and says, “I think it was you!” He tells us his name and we confirm that it was in fact him…although it didn’t really look like him! He went on to say that lots had happened in the last 12 years, starting with the fact that he had cancer last year and that he had lost 40 pounds and had started working out (that explained it).

He also shared that he had lost his wife two years prior from cancer. It was almost like he needed someone to talk to because he didn’t say boo about any car he was trying to sell, but continued to want to talk about the wife he missed so much. He was obviously still madly in love with her and missed her tremendously, but there was a part of the conversation that just struck me so powerfully. He went on to tell me that the kind of cancer she had was incredibly painful, BUT she NEVER felt any pain. The doctors were baffled and when they asked if she was in pain, she always responded, “my Lord Jesus Christ has taken the pain from me.” She was completely pain free with no medication her entire two year stint with cancer and was able to live a full life until the end. He shared that the only pain medicine she had had was the last hour of her life and that near the end she saw something that put a huge smile on her face. She passed from this life into the next with an enormous smile on her face and it never left her.

I stood in the car dealership with tears streaming down my face seeing the goodness and faithfulness of God. In that moment I realize, that no matter what comes my way, I don’t have to fear because my Lord Jesus Christ will take any pain from me. He will NEVER leave me or forsake me. Any trial that comes my way (and the Bible promises that we will have trials) He will get me through it in the way that only He can. I don’t have to worry. Worry is a waste of time anyway. Praise be to God!

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