Letting Go.

As a mama of a college freshman (we dropped him at college exactly a month ago…but who’s counting), I’ve had to practice the discipline of “letting go.” I still remember the first night in our home with him. That night we tucked him into what seemed like a gigantic crib. James and I fell into bed completely exhausted, looking forward to a glorious night of sleep in our own bed, when a loud cry burst forth from the nursery. We looked at each other and I remember saying “What did we do? He’s never going away!” And now he’s away.

Thankfully the Lord has been preparing my heart for this moment. In the six months before he left, every time I would pray for him I would hear the words, “let him go” over and over and over again. It took awhile to register and then took some more time to really put it into practice, but by the time we said goodbye, I really felt in my heart that I had let him go and given him over to the loving, caring, perfect arms of Jesus (who loves him even more than I do).

The same God that spoke the world into existence and the same God who rose Jesus from the dead is the same God I’m entrusting my boy to! I know that God is protecting him, sustaining him and helping him. God is more than capable and my job is to let go and to continue to pray for him.

What are you holding onto that is time to let go? I love this visual. Picture your closed fists holding onto ________. God wants to hand you something really beautiful, but he can’t because you’re fists are closed, unable to receive. When we want to control people and situations, we block God out. His plans are ALWAYS better than ours.

Open your fists. Give it to God. Watch Him do amazing things with it.

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