Stay in your lane!

“Staying in your lane” seems to be a term that I hear used more and more. I’d heard it several times before, but the most meaningful time was this summer on our trip to West Virginia. We and four other couples rented a house on Snowshoe Mountain. Our family decided to road trip instead of flying. Between the five of us and our “glamping” gear for the week, we were loaded down. Being from Wisconsin, we are used to nice straight, flat interstates when traveling. The closer we got to our destination, the roads were getting hilly and windy…and, can I add, the stoplights on state roads that are 70 mph…that took a little getting used to as well!

Anyway, about 45 minutes from our destination, the road started to get narrow and VERY windy. At some points, we couldn’t even see what was around the corner. The one thing that stood out to me on that section of road was the number of big MAC dump trucks that would come flying at us. They were huge, heavy trucks and there seemed to be hundreds of them (not really, but A LOT!!). I found myself holding my breath every time one of those trucks would wiz by us and I found myself saying to my husband, “we need to stay in our lane!” One false move over the centerline and we would have been smashed like a bug!

I started to think about how important it is in life to stay in our lane, the lane that God designed for each one of us. God has a specific path He wants us to walk. But are we patient enough to let that plan unfold or do we jump at and push things around to satisfy OUR own desires? How many times do we wish we had something that someone else has? We look around at what everyone else is doing instead of looking up at our Creator and asking Him what He wants. I don’t know about you, but I have found over my life that walking with God and choosing the plans that He has for me are much more exciting and fulfilling than I could ever have planned myself.

Stay in your lane. Stay on the path that has been designed for you. Don’t look at what everyone else is doing…do what you know you should do. The minute we step out of our lane, we run the risk of getting creamed!

Join me in praying:

Father, thank you for having a plan for my life, “plans to prosper me and not to harm me, to give me a hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11). Help me to keep my eyes fixed on you. Help me to understand the path that you have for me and give me the courage to follow. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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