You can't PLAN this!

Don’t you just love the most unexpected gifts from God!?!? Last summer we were vacationing with friends in West Virginia. On the last night together, the moms all walked to a grass covered ski run to watch the sun set. By the time we got to our spot with the gorgeous view, rain clouds had developed over the mountains and completely blocked our view of the sunset. We were so bummed as we were hoping to get some great pictures on our last night together.

So, typical me, I suggested that we pray instead and thank God for the great week we had together. We prayed for probably 10 minutes or so and when we opened our eyes, this is what we saw. We were speechless. The sight touched us to our core and we were absolutely blown away! We wanted to see a great sunset over the mountains, but what God gave us was way beyond a sunset.

Isn’t that just like God! Scripture says in Isaiah 55:8, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.” I marvel at the fact that I can have my plans and know how they are supposed to go, but HIS plans are so much better!

If YOUR plans aren’t going as planned right now, rejoice in the fact that God is going to reveal Himself in a different way and SO much better than you planned!

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