Women's retreats/events are my favorite!

One of my favorite things is to speak at women's retreats/events.  There's something about being in a room filled with women that just brings my spirit alive.

Whether you have a theme or you would like me to prayerfully seek the Word that God has for your event, I'd be happy to check my schedule and get back to you!

Bible Studies

Bringing God's Word to life!

Digging into the Word with a group of women is so powerful.  I arrange my studies into 3 or 6 weeks.  I've found that anything over 6 weeks is hard for women to commit to.

I would love to bring new excitement and passion to your women's ministry through teaching the Word.


Christian Topics in our everyday living!

Teaching on Christian topics is a great way to apply Scripture to our everyday lives. Teaching on prayer, forgiveness, our bodies and image, the battlefield in our minds, etc. are all important topics to discuss.  All teaching is based on God's word, but I guarantee many personal stories (and personal mistakes) to bring each concept home!

Teachings can be from 1-6 weeks.