Rising above the clouds

During my prayer time today, God gave me the most beautiful image.

I was thinking about all the darkness we feel: fear, disappointment, destructive behavior, bad choices, anger, resentment, guilt, shame, loneliness. We feel far away from people and far away from God when we focus on these things and everything seems to be clouded. As I was thinking about these things I saw clouds all around me as if in an airplane. You know, you’ve been there. You are in an airplane and all you can see is clouds. The plane is being tossed around making the ride so uncomfortable. You can’t wait until you are out of the clouds because you know that as soon as you get above the clouds it’s smooth sailing. Above the clouds, the sun shines bright. The bumpy ride stops and it’s clear skies ahead.

I really believe that God is always inviting us to that place. That place above the dark clouds. When in the dark clouds we can’t see what’s ahead. The ride is so uncomfortable, scary and unknown. But when we move through the clouds and rise above the clouds, we have full access to the sun (Son). The sun shines bright and we leave the dark and dreary. When flying in an airplane on a rainy day, there’s something so beautiful about being above the clouds with the sun shining knowing that the dismal exists down below but not having to partake.

I believe that God wants us to live every day above the clouds. Yes, we are faced with so much suffering and pain on a daily basis, but if we come close to the (Son) the dismal and dark clouds are beneath us and we can experience the fullness of God.

What are you focusing on today? What is bringing you down and not allowing you to see the truth? Get in your airplane and rise above the clouds to experience a bright, radiant God. Ask Him to show you your circumstances from HIS perspective, His heavenly perspective.

Father, I pray for each one reading this. That you would lift each one of us through the clouds in our lives and show us your brilliant light, your smooth ride and clear skies ahead in the midst of our rainy days. Thank you that when we keep our eyes fixed on you, you take the dismal away. We bless you this day Father. Amen

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